Half Grind founder Leon Raj

Half Grind launches new website

Half Grind launches its new website to allow a place for people to buy the recently launched casual clothing Brand. The Half Grind brand was established by 9 year old Leon Raj in 2018 who wanted to create a casual clothing brand that was inspired by ice hockey, that puts children first.

There are a number of specialist hockey clothing brands but all of them are focused on adults. So, whilst some of their clothes are great quality and with some excellent designs, the range for children’s clothes was much smaller in comparison to the adult range.

Leon wanted a clothing range could inspire young people and young hockey players with clothing that was designed for them. Leon (with some support from his family) decided to start Half Grind. His ideas, his investment and his direction.

The brand was created to represent hard work for kids. The idea that hard work and dedication will help you get to your goal. The same principles which he learnt through playing ice hockey through his friends, family and his coaches.

Half Grind launched in September 2018 with three products; the snapback cap, two-tone hoodie and the Caption T-shirt. Each designed for comfort, style and to represent the brand values of Half Grind.

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